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_______蜉蝣_______Fanbook projectxx [entries|friends|calendar]
Kagerou fanbook project ♥

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[ 05年 2日 11月   12:58 am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Name: inger (Dollporn)
Age: 18
Country: Norway
How did you find out about Kagerou?: From a friend and different j-rock sites
What's your favorite song/CD/single?:XIII DIZZY, 3-2-1, Zetzubou sayonara +++
Who is your favorite member: Yuana
Comments:May Kagerou come back to Europe soon. With encore this time.


[ 05年 9日 10月   11:14 pm]

How did you find out about Kagerou?: While I was in japan, they had a live in Electric Lady Land Nagoya. They have amazing presence. I had heard them before but never really listened until that live.
What's your favorite song/CD/single?: 仏の性癖/愚弄色
Who is your favorite member: Yuana

[ 05年 1日 10月   12:26 pm]

Name: Kaira
Age: 17
Country: USA
How did you find out about Kagerou?: A friend let me listen to them, and I feel in love!
What's your favorite song/CD/single?: Kurokami no aitsu-CD/Ai wa savage-SONG
Who is your favorite member: Daisuke, Ewana, SHIZUMI>>>>>

Hi ^^ new here~ [ 05年 9日 09月   12:22 pm]

So~ I start with an introduction ^.~

Name: Hikari
Age: 16
Country: Germany
How did you find out about Kagerou?: *tries to remeber* first I saw them in a magazin...and I read a lot about them on vk-fan-sites, when I started to became a VK/J-Rock-Fan...so I wanted to hear their music ^.^ and I liked it soo much~
What's your favorite song/CD/single?: O_O' but maybe Shiroi Karasu, because I just loved this song from the first time I heard it/ full CD: Guroushoku at the moment ^^
Who is your favorite member: ~.~ difficult to say...I like them all...mhh...Shizumi
Comments: I'm looking forward to october, because then I'm going to see Kagerou again live x33 and they are so great live >___< I mean, they are great on CD as well, but live they really blow you away *o*
And I'm hoping, we'll get more people to join the fanbook *.* *loves fanbooks*

[ 05年 18日 08月   12:37 am]

[ mood | blah.mee needs nicotinee..T__T ]

uhh..infoo?? XDD

Name: Aiko
Age: 32687363789567981564376478
Country: currently Canad-eh >.>
How did you find out about Kagerou?: my boyfriend is a HUGE fan o_o;
What's your favorite song/CD/single?: uhh..k, this is a hard one -_-;; mmm..
song~'kakokei shinjitsu' & 'yuugure no shazai' i guess XD
CD~'rakushu' & 'kagerou'
single~'biological slicer' probly o_O
Who is your favorite member: daisukeeee ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Comments: blah? >__.


[ 05年 26日 07月   9:30 pm]

Name: Rin
Age: 14
Country: USA
How did you find out about Kagerou?: I accidently stumbled across Soushitsu a while ago, and fell in love :3 From then on, I decided to find more Kagerou~
What's your favorite song/CD/single?: XII dizzy
Who is your favorite member: Shizumi-san~
Comments: Kagerou is one of my favourite bands ☆ Their sound is always refreshing and unique, and they never fail to impress me~

[ 05年 20日 07月   7:32 pm]

Hi and welcome~

The Kagerou fanbook project is officially starting! so please read the comm. info and if you still have questions leave a comment ;D


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